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Last Great Day 2006

Many people wonder what will happen to those who never heard the word of the Lord. Are they lost forever when they die? If nominal Christianity’s idea of salvation is correct, then the vast majority of mankind is lost, with no hope of salvation, because they have never heard about Jesus Christ.

Is this concept Biblically correct? Let’s allow God’s Word to answer this age perplexing question.

Jesus Christ said, “I am the resurrection and the life”, (John 11:25). God, the Father, has given Him this power—the ability to bring people back to life. Lazarus was dead. His sister, Martha, said he had been dead for four days. He came back to life—a physical resurrection. Jesus Christ has been given power over life and death. (John 5:26-27).

All that are in the grave will hear my voice. (John 5:28). Does that mean there is only ONE resurrection? No! Paul explained it by saying “each in his own order.” (I Cor. 15:22-24). Christ was made alive after three days and three nights. He was the first to be resurrected – spiritually—for he appeared to his disciples through solid stone walls. Then comes the resurrection of the saints—those who are Christ’s at his coming—at the Last Trump (also a spiritual resurrection.)

But, what about the rest of mankind? Is God unfair? Don’t they have a chance to be saved – to reach that same spiritual existence? When will they be given the opportunity to hear the truth about salvation? Read Revelation, chapter twenty verse five. ‘The rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years are up. During the thousand years Christ and the saints will rule on the earth. When the thousand years expires we see a second resurrection. A resurrection of “the rest of the dead.”

Now, their time of judgment begins (Rev. 20:11-13). How long will this last? We aren’t sure, however it appears that it might be for a one hundred year period of time. (Isaiah 65:20). They will be given an opportunity to live God’s way, as physical human beings.

Ezekiel 37 is a beautiful story of a future event. The whole House of Israel (all of Jacob’s descendants), along with the REST OF THE DEAD-- all those who never knew Jesus Christ-- will live again.

When do we portray this part of God’s Plan of Salvation? On the Eighth Day. (Lev. 23: 36, 39), right after the seven days of The Feast of Tabernacles—which pictures the one thousand year millennium reign.

Jesus Christ kept this day. (John 7:37-39). Those who are in the first resurrection will have already come to Jesus Christ to drink in of His Word – receiving God’s Spirit. Those who were never given this opportunity in this life time will receive God’s Spirit when physically resurrected after the millennium.

Jewish baby boys are circumcised on the eighth day. Even Jesus Christ was. But physical circumcision only applies to the males. God intended circumcision to be spiritual – of the heart. (Deut. 10:16, 30:6)—for EVERYONE! Paul, in the book of Romans, plainly said that a true follower of Christ is one who is circumcised in the heart – spiritually.

God wants all of mankind to be saved but He is not calling everyone today – only a few. The majority of mankind is NOT lost—only on hold—until the second resurrection. When will they be circumcised-- On the eighth day – that Last Great Day!

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