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Cut Down Their Groves!

I’ve gotten some information that I feel might be beneficial to you in this brief message.

This is not “new” material (it’s been in God’s Word all along), but while going through certain passages during this past week, I noticed some “notes” I had made, in some earlier time, in an older Bible. I’m going to entitle this as: “Cut down their groves!” Turn with me to: Exodus 34:12 “Take heed to thyself, lest thou make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land (Gentiles) wither thou goest, lest it be for a snare in the midst of thee. 12 But ye shall destroy their altars, break their images, and cut down their groves:”

This is included in a series of several Chapters in this Book of Exodus covering the giving of God’s Ten Commandments (plus other diverse laws and ordinances) to Moses on Mount Sinai where God told him to get back down to Aaron and the rest of the people for they were engaged in conduct that God labeled, “corrupt” in Chapter 32:7 - 9.

When Moses saw what the people were involved in he angrily broke the first set of stones with the original Commandments written by the finger of God Himself! Why did God become so angry that He decided to slay the whole nation of people which He had delivered from Egypt earlier?


This incident was only the beginning of Israel’s proclivity to follow Gentile religions along with their Pagan symbols! Satan knows how to use these symbols to entreat and misguide people! This is his way to deceive this world, as he has, according to Revelation 12: 9!

So, shortly after giving Israel His wonderful Laws, ordinances, (and even the Sabbath Covenant, there in Ex. 31: 13 - 17), Israel was practicing things that aren’t too clear in the King James translation. What were these “IMAGES” and “GROVES” that God commanded Israel to destroy and “cut down”? How are we Christians, today, to react to this Command?

We can understand the lesson for us by learning what these things mean from a good Bible “help” that makes this Passage clearer. The Companion Bible has this to say: “13. images = sacred pillars.” “Groves” = Heb., “Asherah”. This is the first occurrence out of forty: always rendered “groves”, but denotes a phallic image, worshipped by libidinous (lewd) and lascivious practices. See Ap. 42. God goes on to say in Exodus 34:14 “For thou shall worship no other god: for the LORD, Whose name is Jealous, is a Jealous God.”

To “Cut Down Their Groves” and to “break their Images”, is a warning that true Christians must not CONTINUE TO PRACTICE OR OBSERVE THESE PAGAN HOLIDAYS, which these “groves” and “images” symbolize. Once we understand the Truth through the Holy Spirit, God holds us responsible to NEVER RETURN to the practices of observing our former beliefs of “Easter, Christmas, New Year’s and other” so called holidays!

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