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Could You Be “Brainwashed”?

You need to think about this. There are things you need to know about your mind. We are told that we should keep an open mind. Yet it was the very fact that Gary Powers (captured American U-2 pilot captured in Russia in 1960) opened his mind, which allowed the Russians to inject psychological poison into it. Not only that. They probably warped and ruined his mind for life!

Should we, then, keep our minds closed? That is a question you need to understand. Very few do.

What would anything be worth to you, without your mind? Your mind is your most precious possession! Suppose that on the outside of your head you had beautiful hair, ears, nose, mouth, eyes, but no mind on the inside! Suppose you had a neck, shoulders, arms, torso, legs and feet, but no head, no brains, no mind! Suppose you owned vast possessions, and had a hundred million in the bank, but no mind! Would anything be worth anything to you?

Yet most people have little or no conception of the importance of the mind. And most people, psychologists and psychiatrists included, do not understand the mind! They are in ignorance of the reason God created it. They do not understand the true purpose of the mind, or how properly to possess and use it!

     Being in total ignorance of God”s purposes, right uses, and the potential destiny of humans, a new “profession” has sprung up in the world based on human reasoning in ignorance, called psychiatry. These people pose as mind doctors. They pretend to cure neuroses, and bring patients “peace of mind.” This misguided profession was started, in this modern form, by Sigmund Freud and the school of contemporary psychoanalysts led by Horney, Alexander, Rado and theirlike. The world accepts them and dignifies them with the title “doctor.” Yet no one needs his mind examined so much as these supposed mind doctors!

Colleges and universities teach courses in Psychology. Yet the authors of their textbooks, and the professors who teach it, are in ignorance of the real truth about the human mind, its purpose, and proper use.

Few realize that our minds, like our stomachs, need to be fed! And, in school, they get fed. But they get fed a diet of error mixed with truth. They still are eating away at that same tree of knowledge of “good and evil” our first human mother partook of and fed to our first human father, Adam. They are fed a diet of mental poison mixed with material, factual truth, but devoid of spiritual knowledge.

If you put in your stomach a mixture of health-giving wheat and vegetables, mixed with an equal portion of potassium cyanide, it will kill you in a few moments. If you eat a mixture of good food and excessive starch, sugar, fat, and unclean meats – as nearly everyone does-- you are committing suicide on the installment plan. This diet will slowly poison your system, produce numerous diseases, and kill you in ten to sixty years.

And if you allow your mind to be fed on the usual diet of truth mixed with error, your mind is being slowly drugged, and it will perish along with your body, in the final lake of fire.

Our bodies require food composed of a proper balance between the alkaline and the carbohydrate elements. But we leave out, take out, or cook out, most of the alkaline elements and consume an overdose of the carbohydrates, which produce most of our diseases, including colds, and fevers, rheumatism, hay fever, diabetes, cancer and heart troubles.

An in our mental diet we imbibe an overdose of materialistic knowledge almost to the exclusion of the spiritual; and even in materialistic teaching our schools mix exact and factual knowledge with erroneous hypotheses, speculations and errors based on human conjecture, reasonings, and ignorance.

We ridicule supposed morons or the mentally deficient, saying they are “not all there.” The fact is, nearly all of those who teach us what we take into our minds in school and college, are most assuredly “not all there.” The fact is, we were all born ‘only “half there!”

We have all been born incomplete. We were born of the flesh and we are flesh. God formed man, not out of spirit, but “out of the dust of the ground” – of the earth – earthy (I Cor. 15:48-49). We were made to need food to live. But, as Jesus Christ said, man was made to live, not by bread alone, but by every Word of God – that is, not merely by material food, but by the spiritual food we receive from the Bible.

But man has cut himself off from God! There is an absolute, impenetrable barrier between natural, carnal minded man and God. Man can receive spiritual food only from God. And remember you do not receive spiritual food into the stomach, but into the mind!

And so it is not the body, but the MIND that “is not all there” – that is born incomplete! And when we say that God did not create Adam complete – that the creation of Genesis chapter one describes only the material creation-- we are referring to the deficiency of mind, primarily. True, our bodies, being material, now last only an average of some 70 years for adults. True, if we are converted, and to be given eternal life, even our vile, corruptible bodies are to be changed from matter to sprit instantaneously, at the time of the resurrection.

But it is the mind, not the body, which can receive the spiritual food during this life, and must be fed God”s true spiritual diet if the body is to be changed.  What Adam and Eve rejected, in the Garden of Eden, was the fruit of the tree symbolizing God”s Holy Spirit.

It is man”s mind that is incomplete – “not all there” – for this life. His mind was made to need God”s Holy Spirit. God”s Spirit being received into our minds is the impregnation of the very God-Life, begetting us as God”s children. It adds the spiritual or divine content to the material content of our minds. It introduces into our minds a totally new attitude, means of mental approach, viewpoint, concept, capacity of comprehension.

The natural carnal mind has no capacity whatsoever for comprehension of spiritual truths (Rom 8:7).The unconverted, naturally born carnal mind therefore, cannot understand the Bible! A natural mind may grasp a few of the materialistic portions of the Bible, and it contains material as well as spiritual knowledge, in properly balanced proportions, but no carnal mind can comprehend and truly understand the spiritual revelations of God”s Word!

Without this basic revelation of spiritual truth, no system of knowledge can be complete. The spiritual revelation is the foundational knowledge. It is what we need first, not last! The knowledge of what we are , why we are, that is the purpose of life , our potential destiny, the spiritual laws of life, the way to peace, happiness, prosperity and everything good, this is the foundational knowledge. None of this world”s leaders possess it. The knowledge man is equipped to discover and acquire by his own processes, the knowledge receivable through the eyes, ear, sense of feel, smell and tastes may be added to this foundations. Then, human reasoning, coming from a Spirit-led mind, based on this true foundational knowledge, leads to correct and truthful conclusions.

But man-- cut off from this foundation on which to build – in ignorance of the very factual basis for his reasoning and speculating, has arrived at erroneous conclusions. And these false conclusions formulate a very large portion of the organized knowledge, the store of knowledge in this world”s libraries, and in the text books used in this world”s education.

The true fact is, this world”s psychiatrists are themselves actually and literally crazy, if you understand the true meaning of the word!

Two of these quack psychiatrists testified in court that a woman was insane, and needed to be committed, for no reason other than that she studied the Holy Bible to learn how to live and how to rear her children! Had this woman not been represented at the trial by an alert attorney, she would have been committed to an institution, deprived of her freedom, her children torn from their living Christian mother and made wards of a cold, loveless court!

But actually, and literally, it was these self-professed mind doctors who were insane. Their minds simply were not “all there.” They were in ignorance of foundational, basic truth. Their reasoning was based on false hypotheses, assumed and carelessly taken for granted. They based reasoning on error. Yet they merely had swallowed, unquestioned, what certain text books fed them, authored by other misguided and ignorant men!

Actually, the carnal, unconverted mind – containing its physical content only-- devoid of the spiritual, knowing only what physical knowledge that is received thru the five senses-- is a mind bound to go off into false and erroneous ramifications of ideas, suppositions, hypotheses, speculations, and beliefs. Which is a ridiculous and weird system of myths!

God”s Holy Spirit is the Spirit of a sound mind, and no mind, without the Holy Spirit, can be sound in its thinking and reasoning. Perhaps the old Quaker, after all, was right. He said to his wife: “Martha, does thee know, the longer I live the more it seems to me that just about everybody, except me and thee, is a little queer; and does thee know, Martha, sometimes it even seems to me that even thee is just a little bit queer!”

You need, above all things, to guard the door of your mind! You, and you alone, have the stern responsibility for guarding that precious door!

Should you, then, have an open mind? Or, to prevent being brainwashed or hypnotized, should you keep your mind closed? The answer is this:

Guard the door of your mind! Keep, without prejudice, a questioning mind. I do not mean a negative mind, hostile and against everything. God”s Word commands us to “prove all things.” You can question, before accepting and believing without negative prejudice. Open your mind to what is proven truth; rid you mind of bias. Do as the Bereans were commended for doing. When the Apostle Paul came to Berea, they did not know whether he was an apostle of God or a false prophet (Acts 17:11).

So, they opened the door of their minds, without hostile prejudice which would be only a barrier to the entrance of truth into the mind, but yet with questioning minds, they opened the door just far enough to listen, to examine, and to prove, before accepting. They searched the Scriptures daily, whether these things were so. Finding them proved, they accepted the truth!

The answer is that your mind should never be prejudiced. Neither should it be gullible. Never take for granted what you read, or what you hear. Never accept anything just because others do.

Could you be hypnotized? Many people can. Yet no one can hypnotize me! Why? Because I won”t let him! Unless I yield my mind to him, submit it into his power, allow him to gain control over it, he has not power over my mind whatsoever!

God made your mind so that no one can “cram his religion down your throat”- or rather, into your mind. God won”t, by force, put truth into your mind. Unless you are willing, and voluntarily accept it, you can never receive God”s truth. Conversely, even Satan the Devil has no power to force error into your mind.

You are a free moral agent! God granted you this freedom! And, with it, the stern responsibility for what you accept, believe, and do! As you sow, so shall you reap!

There are hundreds of articles on the website.  We encourage you to read them with a discerning mind.  Look up each scripture.  Prove what we say from your own Bible!  Do not believe us, believe your Bible!  Ask God for understanding!  You may not be “all there” now, but with God”s help you can develop a converted mind—a mind that thinks and acts like God. Don”t be brainwashed by the philosophies of this world, the Bible is the source of true knowledge, read it and live by it!

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