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Satan’s Great Deception - Part Nine

Today’s Greatest Religious Hoax

Do you know that hundreds of years before Christ was born, a false “savior” appeared on this earth? He claimed to be “supernaturally conceived.” That man is the one whom the world accepts as its “Savior” today it calls him falsely by the name of Jesus!

It comes as a shock to realize that the professing Christian world is being deluded by a false Messiah one who has been masqueraded as Jesus Christ.

The apostle Paul knew of this clever deception that would be foisted upon the Church. Here is what he said under inspiration of God:

“I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent beguiled Eve in his craftiness, your thoughts should be corrupted. For if he who comes preaches another Jesus, whom we did not preach or another gospel, which ye did not receive” that is, if any minister comes who preaches about another Jesus, a false Jesus whom the apostles did not preach about, or another gospel, a different way to eternal life than the way you received from Christ and His apostles “ye bear well with him” you accept his false message! (II Cor. 11:3-4).

Paul was shocked at the fact that Christians in his own day were giving heed to the false doctrines about another Jesus, a false Messiah to whom the name of Jesus Christ was appropriated.

A false savior, appeared long before Christ’s time and is the one which people today are depending on for their salvation! It is time to wake up! Bible evidence proves that this is just what has happened!

The inhabitants of the earth just after the flood knew and understood that a Savior was to come (Gen. 3:15), but they did not know when He would come. They were looking and waiting for Him!

It was under these circumstances that Nimrod the world’s great leader and founder of civilization after the flood died (Gen. 10:9-11). Semiramis, his wife known also as the “Queen of Heaven” (Jer. 44:17, 25) desired to retain the vast holdings of her dead husband at all costs.

She conceived a daring plan. Her family, even at the death of Nimrod, was considered very unusual because of their great exploits. It was not difficult when she gave notice that one of her several illegitimate children, Tammuz (Ez. 8:14), was the very savior they were looking for!

The world knew that Nimrod had “liberated” them from God’s “distasteful” ways. Therefore, after Nimrod had been slain Semiramis claimed that she miraculously conceived of God and that Nimrod was thus miraculously reborn to her as the “Savior” in the form of her present illegitimate son, Tammuz.

Tammuz, then, was the “Savior” they were looking for! Semiramis was the virgin mother! The world accepted them. Nimrod, in his new form of Tammuz, was to continue to liberate the world from God’s ways, and was to usher in a new way another way of life! The way of sin, if you please. This Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven, received the adoration of the world through her lies. She became the virgin mother of the “Savior!” Her position over the holding of Nimrod was thus secure.

Even today, this woman Semiramis whose Assyrian name was Ishtar, pronounced as “Easter”-- is worshipped. The world continues to pay homage to her as mother of its “Savior” in the pagan festival Easter.

Because of the fierce opposition of Noah’s son Shem, Semiramis was compelled by these circumstances to use symbols to represent the three members of her family so that the early world after the flood could worship them secretly. Thus arose the Mysteries system, referred to in the New Testament (II Thess. 2:7), by which Easter and innumerable other pagan customs have been introduced into the church. Those who knew the meaning of the symbols knew whom they worshipped, the outsiders did not.

These three, the husband, the wife, and her illegitimate son, came to be worshipped in many symbolical forms, and under many Babylonian names. Her system has been perpetuated by monks, nuns and celibate priests down to this day!

The pollution of God’s teachings, whether ancient or modern, came from One great masked source. It is hard to believe- yet it is absolutely true! It came from one family the family of Nimrod and Semiramis! The knowledge of this has been gradually lost!

This is how it happened, step by step:

(1) At first Semiramis also called Ishtar or Easter desired to have the members of her family worshipped openly, but, as we have seen, she was forced by the opposition of Shem to have them worshipped through symbols.

The hero worship, bestowed on Nimrod while he was alive, became transferred to symbolical rites in his honor after his untimely death. The remembrance of her dead Nimrod was so strong and his popularity had been so great that the worship of Nimrod, his Queen of Heaven (Semiramis), and her son Tammuz saturated the whole earth in the time of Semiramis’ rule.

The very use of symbols to represent the human beings that were worshipped did, however, remove the people one step from the knowledge of whom they worshipped. The people were not as aware of whom they were actually worshipping as they would have been had they not been worshipping them through symbols.

The point is, the world even then, after symbols were introduced, was not quite as aware that they were worshipping Nimrod’s family, although for a time it was explained them. Symbols clouded the realization of whom people were actually worshipping.

(2) The second great factor which made the people of the earth lose sight of whom they were actually worshipping was that the various family groups at the tower of Babel were miraculously given different languages. They could not understand what the other family groups were talking about!

Thus, while each group was actually worshipping the same original three persons, ultimately, as they began to spread out upon the face of the earth from this central focal spot close to where their forefather, Noah, had landed the ark, they began to believe they were worshipping different Gods! For the three were bearing different names!

(3) Now we come to the third great masking procedure. It was a method which brought to complete perfection the other two masking processes. It was a process which has culminated in completely blinding the world today to the fact that it also is worshipping only three human beings Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz. What is this procedure?

When Christ came, the devil inspired Christian names to be put upon the rites and doctrines which Semiramis formulated by which she, her son, and her husband were to be worshipped!

Here is how it happened! The Gentiles all around Christ in His day, were still worshipping the first “Savior” - Nimrod. The world in Christ’s day was saturated with the worship of the “un-holy” three. The worship was attractive there was still the desire to be “liberated” from the authority of God by their own “Savior.” Seeing the power of Christ manifested through miracles, people wanted to associate themselves with Him. Yet they would not accept Christ’s gospel a repentance or turning from their former ways-- Nimrod’s ways. They rejected the only way to obtain eternal life. The people were in a quandary as to what to do about their two Saviors!

So, what did they do? They paid “lip service” to Christ by placing “Christian” names on the old procedures by which the false “Savior” was worshipped and they continued to worship and follow the first “Savior”! Do you understand?

Our world has refused Christ, the True Savior and His ways. It still clings to the false “Savior” and his ways” “another Jesus” against which Paul warned (II Cor. 10:3-4). This world apparently wants to live licentiously and die of violence, the same as did the family of Nimrod which rejected the True god and His ways! The world made its great decision at the time the True Savior appeared! No wonder Christ must come a second time to save this world from its sins (Heb. 9:28)!

The procedures for worshipping the counterfeit “Savior” still remain and are observed, although they bear “lip service” to the name of Christ. Nimrod’s birthday on December 25th is still celebrated around the earth although it bears the somewhat Christian name of “Christ-mas.” Sun-day the day of the Sun, Nimrod’s day, is till observed world-wide, although it is now often called by the name of “Sabbath.” Semiramis’ sprinkling rite continues to be used, although it now falsely bears the Christian name of “baptism.”

These pagan practices falsely labeled “Christian” are masquerading as the teaching of a “Jesus” a different Jesus from the One whose life and doctrine is taught in the Bible! The surface has barely been scratched here in naming all the ways which Semiramis formulated for the worship of her “Savior”. Ways which are used by the whole world today to worship Nimrod instead of honoring Christ!

(4) There is a fourth factor which comes naturally into play and which has aided in hiding from the world today those whom they are actually worshipping. Notice:

Semiramis was forced to introduce symbols for her family so that others could worship them. The worshippers were at first told that in adoring these symbols (idols, trees, animals, periods of time, heavenly bodies, etc.) they were actually worshipping the members of her family.

The priest who told a worshipper what these symbols actually represented bore the title of “Peter,” which in the Babylonian language means “interpreter” (Hislop p. 208). There was a “Peter” in Rome, for instance, who later became confused with Peter the apostle of Jesus.

In time the symbols were no long explained. The on-coming generations were “born” into the faith of their fathers”, they worshipped they know not what! Their father’s old time “religion” was good enough for them. They worshipped the first “Savior” for the sole reason that it was the path of least resistance. They did not know of any other handy way to worship. This is what probably happened to you! You were probably born into your religion! Many of us were.

People are not proving things by the Bible as the Bereans were commended for doing (Acts 17:11).People today unquestioningly accept the confused denominational teachings of their parents handed down by tradition from generation to generation.

If the world is so saturated with the worship of Nimrod, the counterfeit “Savior,” and his family, many ask, “Why doesn’t the Bible concern itself with the matter?” This is naturally the thought that enters anyone’s mind. The fact is, it does:

The worship of Nimrod’s family is the only false religious system that the Bible does speak of, it is that important! The Bible mentions Nimrod (Gen. 10:8-10), his Queen of Heaven Semiramis (Jer. 44:17-19, 25), and Tammuz Semiramis’ illegitimate son (Ez. 8:14) who was supposed to be Nimrod miraculously reborn as the “Savior.” The Bible explains nothing else in the way of a false religious system but of the symbolic idols which stood for one of the other of Nimrod’s family, the symbols which were conjured up by the mind of Semiramis. This false system has encompassed the whole world (Rev. 12:9).

The world has noticed, and marveled at the great variety of gods which the Bible shows were worshipped by the Old Testament people. There seems to be no connection between them. But this is not true. It is a fact that they all came from one source, from that first ruling family of old Babylon!

Let us now notice in the Bible how the worldwide worship of Nimrod, the first “Savior,” and of his family caused Israel, the only nation that made any attempt to follow the true God, to turn away from Him. Mark well that these three, Nimrod, Tammuz, and the Queen of Heaven and no others were the ones whom the whole earth worshipped. But different names in different lands were applied to them. This was what God referred to when he said that people “went a whoring after other gods” (Judges 2:17).

In Abraham God found a man after the flood who would obey Him. He asked him to leave his home country and told him He would make of him a great nation and give him and his off-spring forever all the land he saw (Gen. 12:1-4). Ultimately, Abraham’s twelve grandsons found themselves in Egypt due to a famine in Palestine, and there they became the slaves of the Egyptians (Ex. 1:11).

They were in Egypt, the land which according to other evidence, was full of the worshippers of the Mysteries (symbols) of Semiramis. They were among the pagans, and remained captives among them several hundred years. They learned, while there, how to worship the first “Savior” Tammuz and his “virgin” mother the Queen of Heaven (Semiramis). They forgot the True God, but God had not forgotten them because of His promise to Abraham.

He led them out of Egypt and promised them He would make them the greatest of nations if they would forsake their idol (symbol) worship and follow Him. If they would not, He said He would punish them severely (Lev., chapter 26).

The Israelites had scarcely started their journey to the Promised Land when the people called for the old symbolic pagan gods that they had known in Egypt. Moses had gone up on Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments. In his absence the people said to Aaron, “make us gods (symbols), which shall go before us, as for this Moses, this man that brought us up out of Egypt, we know not what is become of him” (Ex. 32:1).

Aaron made them a golden calf to worship, which, as we have shown in previous installments, was the way the Egyptians mystically worshipped Osiris (Nimrod), their “Savior.” This was almost 1500 B.C.

Those who first worshipped the golden calf (Ex. 32:1-4), did so with the full knowledge that they were worshipping the “re-born” Nimrod-Tammuz, the “Savior” in one of his symbolic forms! The calf symbolized the false Savior, as the Lamb symbolizes the true Savior.

Every one of the 19 kings that ruled over the House of Israel worshipped the golden calf the symbol of the first “Savior!”

Do you recall the Europeans who passed through the bonfire in our “Christian times”? Now notice that your Bible shows it originates from the worship of Nimrod:

We have previously that Molech was also a title applied to Nimrod in one of his idol forms and that in order to “purify” themselves, people, usually children, were made to “pass through the fire to Molech.” In Lev. 18:21, just after they had left Egypt, God warned Israel: “Thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech.” “Whosoever gives any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death” (Lev. 20:2).

That this practice was picked up from neighboring pagan nations is evident; “Thou shall not learn to do after the abomination of those nations that makes his son or daughter pass through the fire” (Deut. 18:10).

Today the teaching has become the doctrine of purgatorial fires in the next life.

Now we can begin to see why God named in Scripture an endless array of pagan gods. All of whom represented the three members of Nimrod’s family. It is a veiled warning that a world saturated with the worship of the false Christ would continue to worship the false “Savior” they had known since the flood, but would reject the True Savior and His gospel of the Kingdom when He came, even though they would appropriate His name for their pagan customs.

Chemosh was the god of the Moabites. God says Israel had forgotten Him and was worshipping Chemosh (I Kings 11:33). Who was Chemosh? He is identified with Baal-peor, Baal-zebub, Mars, and Saturn (Peloubet’s Bible Dictionary, p. 115). We have shown that Saturn was one name of Nimrod, and Mars, another name as the god of war of the Greeks. Chemosh then was the Moabite name for Nimrod.

Solomon, despite his wisdom, built an altar to him (II Kings 23:13). Even he was misled by this Babylonian worship. Israel also joined itself to the worship of the idol Baal-Peor which is but another form of the old Babylonian worship of Nimrod (Num. 25:3).Again in Numbers 31:16, God rebukes Israel for worshipping Peor, which is the abbreviated named Baal-peor.

Recall that the True Messiah is often pictured still hanging dead on a cross whereas he is actually living today. God complains in Psalms 106:28 that Israel “joined themselves also unto Baal-peor, and ate the sacrifices of the dead” the dead human Nimrod had been made a living god by Semiramis (Hislop p. 69). These people were eating sacrifices offered to Nimrod. God was telling them a dead god could do them no good. The True God is a living God (John 6:57).

Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron (II Kings 1:3-4), the pagan god of medicine, was none other than Nimrod (Hislop, p. 279).Here we see Israel partaking of the Mysteries of Semiramis and worshipping Nimrod in this form also, by depending on healing from him through doctors and drugs. Luke 11:15 shows the real power behind Baal-zebub, it was the “chief of the demons” Satan.

These are the pagan customs which have passed into the churches as Christian customs. They are labeled with the name of Jesus, but they originated among the pagans so they could worship the false Messiah! Paul warns you today that there is no other way to be saved than through the name and person of the True Messiah (Acts 4:12)! My friends, open your eyes, can you not see the confusion, deception and shallowness of today’s religions? Isn’t it time you stopped listening to these “false apostles, deceitful workers, who have, under Satan’s influence, transformed themselves into the apostles of Christ (II Cor. 11:13)?” They are, even today, promulgating the false gospel of Semiramis, Nimrod and Tammuz.

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