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I Will Forget Your Children

Through the miracle of satellite transmission, audiences around the world watched the World Cup games in living color recently.

Sports enthusiasts in dozens of far-flung nations are able to cheer for and support athletes representing their countries. For a few brief moments, barring acts of terrorism or other ugly incidents, everything seemed all right in the world.

Incredible as it seems, at the same time, battlefield scenes from war-torn areas are beamed into our living rooms. Modern communications allow us instant, intimate access to developments in the world community. For instance, as we write, Israel and Hamas are shooting rockets at one another in the Middle East. We are able to watch the rockets streaking through the sky and then, immediately, see the destruction wreaked by these rockets.

The rise and fall of governments, rebellions and coups all become as much a part of our daily routines as well, dinner. Business people and tourists are able to fly to almost anywhere on earth in just a few hours. Computers link Paris, London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and other financial capitals, making commercial transactions possible almost on a moment’s notice. The societies of the world are becoming as one.

However, in stunning contrast to such awesome accomplishments, the local family as a united team is breaking up!

The world citizen, who may converse in statistics concerning matters worldwide, might stammer in embarrassed ignorance at questions involving his own family. The individual who prides himself on being “in the know” regarding the much-heralded World Cup or the Olympic Games, politics and international events might blush at the question, “Where are your children?”

Can it be that we, in our ongoing pursuit of uniting the world’s communities, are at the same time causing the frustrations that face our greatest heritage our children?

Ironically, that same “instant” approach to bridging the nations and cultures of the world is a major contributor to the breakup of family unity! The world demands we race at breakneck speed through our daily pursuits. Time becomes the motivating factor as we frantically hurry through instant breakfast, instant travel, instant news, instant meetings and instant temper explosions.

At the end of our wearying, instant day, we gulp down an ill prepared meal and finally settle into our own form of instant gratification television, crowded movie theaters or sports arenas. Tragically, this hectic pace also promotes a need for instant answers to urgent questions asked by our youths.

The frantic complaint from millions of young people is that the adult society does not have time for them. These precious future adults find themselves shipwrecked in an upside-down world. Most parents do not know what their children are being taught in their schools today. They do not know what they are watching on TV or what they are doing on the internet via social media.

World authorities philosophers, theologians and sociologists all agree that the basis for any strong community, local or international, is a strong family relationship.

In the past, basically, an agrarian society, the “extended,” close-knit family was the backbone of civilization. Families lived in close relationship to one another. Children knew their parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. They all grew together, worked together, worshiped together, shared life together, loved together as families. That family structure is missing in today’s fast paced society!

Every day around this gigantic earth, from Vancouver to Durban, from Perth to New York City, the tragic results of this missing dimension are starkly obvious. Distraught parents and anguished teenagers are reunited in houses of correction. Animosities rage as crime, running away from home and drug and alcohol abuse all increase. There seems to be no relief in sight. It is so sad and unnecessary. The tools to avoid heartache are continually at our disposal.

From the pages of His inspired Word God thunders: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me: because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children” (Hosea 4:6).

Who must accept the blame for the plight of today’s children? The great Creator God says, because parents have forgotten His law, “I also will forget your children”! What a terrifying indictment!

From the top of Mt. Sinai God instructed: “I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me” (Ex. 20:5).

God said parents’ sins would victimize children and all because we have forgotten His law. How obvious the end results of that warning is today.

In the beginning God gave laws by which we humans might accomplish the awesome responsibility of nurturing the human family in peace and love. But our first parents chose to go contrary to those instructions God gave them in the Garden of Eden. They chose, rather, to become the lawmakers themselves, establishing the rules and attitudes for their new society themselves. They forgot God’s laws! They rejected His instructions! And, they are still rejecting His laws to this very day!

And the very moment they decided to disobey those laws, civilization changed. That decision opened the floodgates of selfishness, destruction, wrong practices, ungodly conduct, filth and degradation. It has brought mankind to the very threshold of total annihilation.

That selfish, unwise decision placed mankind into a 6,000-year-long arena of war, pain, anguish and destruction.

Jesus Christ said, “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those day will be shortened” (Matt. 24:22).

For the first time in history, mankind has the means to destroy life from this planet. This is the first generation to live under the terrible apprehension of such a sword of Damocles. And it has forced our precious children to live frantically, to grow up too soon, and to try to cram all of life’s “gusto” into one ongoing binge of recklessness.

A religious teacher asked 625 young Germans, “What would you do if you had only one day to live?” Some of the answers portray a hopelessness that seems to characterize much of our world today.

Twenty percent of the young men questioned would spend their last day on earth drinking, taking drugs and seeking sexual gratification. “I would get drunk,” said one 18-year-old, “and steal a car. Then I would take all my money out of the bank, go to the red-light district, pick out the best-looking girls and...”

A 16-year-old girl replied, “I would not like to die without loving once.” A 16-year-old boy said, “I would blow myself up with a hand grenade in public protest against the middle class and the government bureaucracy.”

Twenty-eight young people said they would not wait for death to come, but would take their own lives. Only one 18-year-old expressed otherwise. Her comment: “I would like to spend my last evening in church, alone with God, and thank Him for my full and happy life.”

What a terrible declaration against those “leaders” through the ages who chose to forget the law of God, and who have now led unfortunate children to the brink of unimaginable terror!

However, there is hope! There are solutions. They are real and they are sure. This website ( has been reporting the good news of God’s Master Plan of Salvation for mankind. (Enroll today in our NEW series “God’s Master Plan of Salvation”.) For the past several years, readers of our articles and those who listen to our sermons have excitedly recognized that God will “forget our children” only for a given period of time while man continues to “forget” God’s laws!

The exciting news is that mankind is going to “remember” those laws of God when God intervenes, soon now, in this world’s affairs. God is then going to remember our children. And that is the only good news you will find on earth today!

You can be among those fathers who no longer forget the laws of God who will properly remember their children just as does the great God. The matter is in your hands. You can and should begin now to live by God’s law. Then He won’t forget your children!

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