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Title Date Link
“Crime - What Crime?” 2013-07-02
“In The Name of Jesus Christ” 2009-09-05
“Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery!” 2009-05-15
‘But I Didn’t Count The Cost’ 2012-12-22
‘Close Encounter’ Through Prayer 2013-04-11
‘Who Shall Separate Us’ 2010-10-29
12 Reasons Why Christ’s Trial Was Illegal (Part 1) 2016-04-08
2009 The Year Of Violence? 2009-10-22
2014 - What Will It Bring? 2013-10-10
666 - Whose Number Is It? 2008-07-03
7 Laws To Good Health 2007-06-05
A Bleak Future For America And Britain - Part 1 2009-11-25
A Bleak Future For America And Britain - Part 2 2009-12-23
A Bleak Future For America And Britain - Part 3 2010-02-17
A Counterfeit Jesus Christ 2013-08-25
A Crusade For Sanity! 2010-06-07
A Deliberate Deception 2009-05-05
A Feast Of Unity 2018-09-19
A Firm Foundation 2008-11-04
A Legacy Of Persecution 2011-11-13
A Lesson From Balaam 2010-02-09
A Look At Ezekiel’s Temple - Part 1 2018-02-06
A Look At Ezekiel’s Temple - Part 2 2018-02-09
A Man After God’s Own Heart - David - Part 1 2018-09-04
A Man After God’s Own Heart - David - Part 2 2018-09-10
A Matter Of Perspective 2011-06-26
A Message From Amos 2008-09-14
A Message To The Churches 2008-10-12
A New Truth About Abortion 2012-06-15
A New Way Of Life 2011-09-04
A Promise And A Warning 2016-09-26
A Promise Of Power 2009-05-22
A Rondezvous With Destiny 2018-07-03
A Secret Rapture? 2015-11-16
A Special Way To Peace And Joy 2010-09-11
A Study Of The Feast Of Tabernacles 2017-08-06
A Supreme Authority Is Needed! 2010-06-17
A Tale Of Two Prophets - Part Five 2013-12-26
A Tale Of Two Prophets - Part Four 2013-12-24
A Tale Of Two Prophets - Part One 2013-12-18
A Tale Of Two Prophets - Part Seven 2013-12-30
A Tale Of Two Prophets - Part Six 2013-12-28
A Tale Of Two Prophets - Part Three 2013-12-22
A Tale Of Two Prophets - Part Two 2013-12-20
A Time To Laugh 2011-09-23
A Vision Of The New World To Come 2010-09-07
A Vision Of The New World To Come - Part 2 2010-12-24
A Vision Of The New World To Come - Part 3 2010-12-30
A World At War 2013-09-11
Abortion - Is It Murder? 2006-05-25
Abraham Was Not Perfect 2013-06-25
Administering The Death Penalty 2008-07-13
Admit Your Mistakes 2013-03-22
Alcohol - A Blessing Or A Curse? 2007-09-12
Amazing Grace 2016-09-07
America - The Modern Romans - Part Eight 2013-02-12
America - The Modern Romans - Part Five 2013-02-06
America - The Modern Romans - Part Four 2013-02-04
America - The Modern Romans - Part Nine 2013-02-14
America - The Modern Romans - Part One 2013-01-29
America - The Modern Romans - Part Seven 2013-02-10
America - The Modern Romans - Part Six 2013-02-08
America - The Modern Romans - Part Three 2013-02-02
America - The Modern Romans - Part Two 2013-01-31
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 1 2016-07-08
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 10 2016-08-17
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 11 2016-08-19
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 12 2016-08-21
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 13 2016-08-24
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 2 2016-07-11
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 3 2016-07-17
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 4 2016-07-27
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 5 2016-08-02
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 6 2016-08-05
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 7 2016-08-09
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 8 2016-08-11
America And Britain In Prophecy - Part 9 2016-08-14
America At The Pinnacle 2013-01-01
America Begins Here 2015-04-28
America The Condemned 2011-03-10
Ancient Coin Depicts Satan’s Master Plan 2018-02-18
Anger - Escaping The Curse 2012-11-08
Animal Brain vs. Human Mind - Part 1 2017-04-26
Animal Brain Vs. Human Mind - Part 3 2017-05-05
Animal Brain Vs. Human Mind - Part 4 2017-05-14
Animal Brain Vs. Human Mind - Part 5 2017-05-17
Animal Brain Vs. Human Mind - Part 6 2017-05-26
Animal Brian vs. Human Mind - Part 2 2017-05-02
Answers From Genesis 2013-10-04
Antichrist 2009-02-09
Appointments 2008-11-06
Are Babies “Saved” If They Die? 2013-01-03
Are The Holy Days To Be Kept Today? 2017-08-03
Are They Really “Born That Way”? 2009-07-13
Are We Alone In The Universe? 2008-10-10
Are We Cursing Our Land? 2013-11-25
Are We In The Last Days? 2013-01-27
Are We Living In The Last Days? 2009-07-15
Are We Near The End? 2011-02-18
Are We Saved By The Blood Of Jesus Christ? 2007-09-05
Are You “Under” The Law? 2014-05-06
Are You A Holy Person? 2016-11-03
Are You A Servant Or Hireling? 2010-08-10
Are You Being Called By God? 2012-12-16
Are You Important To God? 2015-05-09
Are You Overlooking Something? 2011-01-23
Are You Prepared For What Is Coming? 2011-10-26
Are You Qualifying To Rule A City? 2013-06-06
Are You Ready To Take The Passover? 2009-04-03
Are You Safe In Christ? 2015-12-16
Are You Sure? 2010-06-29
Are You Watching? 2010-10-07
Are You Willing To Change? 2011-08-05
Are You Working For God? 2012-02-12
Are You Worshipping Jesus Christ In Vain? 2010-07-17
Are Your Affairs In Order? 2012-12-14
As In The Days Of Noah 2017-02-10
Ascent To Greatness - Part 1 2018-09-07
Ascent To Greatness - Part 2 2018-09-13
Ask, And You Shall Receive! 2010-07-01
Atonement, A Day Of Triumph! 2007-09-22
Avoiding Christian Burnout 2009-11-13
Avoiding Post Feast Letdown 2006-11-14
Avoiding Spiritual Lethargy 2018-03-26
Avoiding Spiritual Pitfalls 2010-06-09
Awakening Of The Beast - Part 1 2011-12-29
Awakening Of The Beast - Part 2 2011-12-31
Awakening Of The Beast - Part 3 2012-01-02
Baal - The God Of Modern Christianity 2018-06-06
Babylon - Through The Centuries 2013-04-15
Babylonian Religion (Part 1) 2017-07-25
Babylonian Religion (Part 2) 2017-07-28
Babylonian Religion (Part 3) 2017-07-31
Baptism - What Are You Waiting For? 2009-06-03
Baptizing On Behalf Of The Dead 2009-12-17
Barnabas - The Son Of Encouragement 2015-12-26
Be Careful What You Say! 2009-03-03
Be Thankful 2013-04-19
Be Thankful To Feast At God’s Table 2008-12-08
Before Adam 2010-01-28
Behold The People Is One - (Part II) 2009-07-09
Behold These Stones 2013-05-07
Behold, My People Is One - (Part III) 2009-07-11
Behold, The Lamb Of God! 2007-03-04
Behold, The People Is One - (Part I) 2009-07-04
Belief, Alone, Is Not Sufficient For Salvation 2008-06-25
Believing Is Not Enough 2011-11-15
Between A Rock And A Hard Place! 2010-11-08
Between The Old And New Testaments (Part I) 2010-04-26
Between The Old And New Testaments (Part II) 2010-04-28
Beware Of False Brethren! 2009-01-29
Beware Of False Prophets 2018-07-18
Beware Of Your Adversary! 2018-02-21
Beyond The Millenium 2010-03-29
Big Mystery for Science - The Tiny Atom 2011-04-26
Body Parts For Sale 2007-05-08
Born To Be A King 2016-11-08
Britain’s Royal Family 2011-08-21
Building Your Faith In The Resurrection 2013-05-14
But By Prayer And Fasting 2013-08-27
But I Didn’t Count The Cost 2011-12-23
Can A Christian Believe In Evolution? 2008-04-17
Can A Homosexual Be A Christian Too? 2011-04-28
Can All These Churches Be Wrong? 2011-08-14
Can Any Man Forbid Water Baptism? 2017-06-13
Can Man Become God? (Part 1) 2017-07-19
Can Man Become God? (Part 2) 2017-07-22
Can Science Create A Brave New World? 2013-12-06
Can You Be Wrong When You Are Right? 2013-12-10
Can You Explain It? 2011-02-06
Children Are Also People Too! 2009-10-26
Chinese Sabbath Keepers 2007-03-21
Choices 2008-03-05
Choose You This Day 2010-02-01
Choosing The Right Master 2015-04-13
Christ Or Antichrist? 2009-07-07
Christ’s Sacrifice Begins God’s Master Plan 2009-12-25
Christ, The Wave Sheaf Offering 2006-04-18
Christian Living - Ordeal Or Adventure? 2017-02-04
Christian Violence - A Religious Paradox 2010-06-23
Christianity - What Has It Done For You Lately? 2010-11-14
Christians And The Coming Tribulation 2016-12-09
Christians In Deed? 2008-12-27
Christmas And Christ’s Birthday 2009-12-03
Christmas 2,000 Years Before Jesus Christ! 2012-11-20
Churches - Do They All Teach The Truth? 2016-10-02
Come...Let Us Reason Together 2018-03-20
Coming - God’s White Throne Judgment 2017-08-18
Coming Out Of Sin Is Difficult! 2007-04-12
Coming Soon - A Solution For Our Polluted Planet! 2009-02-11
Coming Soon - An Invasion From Space! 2005-09-27
Coming Soon - The Final Coup 2015-09-18
Coming! An Invasion From Space 2014-08-29
Communication With The Dead - Is It Possible? 2015-05-12
Controlling Your Tongue 2010-02-03
Could You Be “Brainwashed”? 2012-12-05
Could You Be Denying Christ? 2010-04-02
Could You Be Guilty Of Blasphemy? 2009-11-15
Could You Be Tempted Without Knowing It? 2008-09-20
Creating God In Our Image 2010-08-24
Crime And Sin 2017-08-27
Crowd Apathy, Epitaph For The End Time 2008-08-04
Cut Down Their Groves! 2011-08-27
Daniel Chapter 9 Proves Jesus Is The Christ! 2008-08-06
David - One Teenager Who Dared To Be Different 2009-10-28
Day Of Atonement 2006 2006-09-01
Day Of Trumpets 2006 2006-09-01
Dear God - Why Did You Let My Brother Die? 2013-05-10
Death - Then What? 2010-02-15
Declaring The End From The Beginning 2010-04-12
Definitions Of Sin 2018-06-27
Did Angels Really Cohabit With Women And Produce Giants? 2007-10-10
Did Christ Go To Hell? 2007-04-15
Did Elijah Go To Heaven? 2012-01-10
Did God Allow Angels to Marry Women Before The Flood? 2006-04-27
Did God Command Us To Keep Lent? 2009-04-05
Did God Create A Devil? 2007-08-26
Did God Create Human Nature? 2012-12-03
Did God Ordain Women To Preach? 2006-09-05
Did Jesus Christ Have Long Hair? 2010-07-05
Did Jesus Christ or the Apostles Use The Name Yahweh? 2006-08-29
Did Jesus Christ Really Live? 2009-05-24
Did Jesus Christ Study The Bible? 2012-07-03
Did Jesus Christ Teach Against The Sabbath? 2009-12-15
Did Jesus Christ’s Miracles Really Happen? 2009-09-07
Did Moses Write The Five Books Of Moses? 2010-11-30
Did Paul Put His Opinion In Scriptures? 2009-02-25
Did The Apostle Peter Eat Pork? 2013-09-07
Did The New Testament Church Observe Sunday? 2012-04-20
Discover Your Bible 2015-01-25
Do Men Really Understand the Apostle Paul? 2014-02-28
Do The Dead Know What The Living Are Doing? 2017-11-01
Do We Have The Complete Bible? 2013-06-10
Do You Ask God For Power In Time Of Need? 2008-04-29
Do You Believe God? 2010-07-21
Do You Believe In Prayer? 2010-09-03
Do You Fear Death? 2009-07-17
Do You Have “Peace Of Mind”? 2018-04-01
Do You Have A Willing Spirit? 2010-03-27
Do You Have The Courage To Be A True Christian? 2009-11-03
Do You Have The Sunday Spirit? 2008-10-06
Do You Have Willpower? 2010-12-20
Do You Know What God Is Really Like? 2010-07-19
Do You Really Know God? 2010-11-06
Do You Really Know The True God? 2008-12-04
Do You Really Yield? 2013-05-24
Do You Send God ‘Junk Mail’? 2009-04-07
Does Christmas Honor God? 2012-11-21
Does Easter Commemorate The Resurrection? 2015-10-20
Does Envy Color Your Thoughts? 2010-11-20
Does God Ever Forsake Us? 2010-08-06
Does God Have A Master Plan? 2012-06-22
Does God Really Exist? 2009-12-29
Does God Still Answer Prayers? 2009-07-29
Does I Corinthians 16:1-3 Prove Sunday Is The Biblical Day Of Worship? 2008-08-08
Does It Make Any Difference What We Believe? 2014-11-16
Does It Matter Which Day You Keep? 2008-10-23
Does Jerusalem’s Fall In 70 A.D. Matter To The U.S. Today? 2007-08-23
Does Jesus Christ Believe In Capital Punishment? 2007-08-21
Does Jesus Christ Really Understand? 2018-01-16
Does Man Have God’s Emotions? 2017-07-13
Does Satan Have Your Permission? 2011-05-02
Does The Bible Contain Errors? 2009-08-03
Does The New Covenant Do Away With God’s Law? (Part 1) 2017-10-17
Does The New Covenant Do Away With God’s Law? (Part 2) 2017-10-20
Does The New Covenant Do Away With God’s Law? (Part 3) 2017-10-26
Does The New Covenant Do Away With God’s Law? (Part 4) 2017-10-29
Does The New Covenant Do Away With God’s Law? (Part 5) 2017-11-30
Does Your Appearance Count? 2009-11-11
Does Your Faith Have A Foundation? 2009-06-05
Doing The Impossible 2011-08-31
Don’t Deceive Yourself! 2010-03-11
Don’t Deceive Yourself! 2008-12-02
Don’t Let Envy Color Your Thoughts 2016-06-13
Easter In 2018 2018-03-11
Easter, Lent, Ashes, Rabbits And Eggs - What’s It All About? 2008-08-10
Education Without God 2013-01-25
Egypt And Israel In History 2011-03-14
Elijah 2014-05-26
Elijah and Enoch - Are They In Heaven? 2006-04-04
Equal With God 2008-09-03
Eternal Judgment 2010-07-23
Eternity In Time 2008-09-08
Evidence Of A Christian 2011-01-27
Exercising Your Faith 2009-11-09
Faith In The Face Of Death 2009-01-13
Faith Is Required For Salvation 2006-11-06
Faith To Meet Life’s Problems 2011-07-05
Falling Away! 2013-04-07
False Conversion 2010-02-07
False Prophets 2008-09-18
Famine In Prophecy 2010-04-22
Famine Stalks The Earth 2013-09-13
Fasting 2005-12-09
Fatal Familiarity 2011-12-25
Fearing God - A Lesson Of The Feast 2010-09-01
First Aid For Christian Love 2008-12-29
For Girls Only 2010-06-13
Forgotten History 2015-08-16
Four Thousand Years Of Easter 2010-02-25
Frankenstein Created 2008-08-12
Friday, Fish, and the Spring Festival 2010-01-20
From Plymouth Rock To The Moon 2015-04-22
Games Christians Play 2008-10-26
Games Christians Play With The Bible 2008-10-28
Germany In Prophecy 2011-02-28
Giving Hope To Youth Without Hope 2009-11-21
God - Trinity Or Family? 2005-11-21
God Condemns Homosexuality 2012-02-07
God Won’t Accept You “Just As You Are”! 2009-12-21
God’s Calendar 2010-01-08
God’s Church Is Different 2010-12-08
God’s Commanded Assemblies 2011-01-13
God’s Elect 2010-05-18
God’s Feast Of Tabernacles What Does It Mean? 2016-03-04
God’s Gift Of Grace 2016-06-15
God’s Hall Of Fame 2008-04-13
God’s Harvest Feasts! 2009-09-13
God’s Heart Transplant 2006-07-07
God’s Holy Days: A Sneak Preview Of Your Future! 2010-07-31
God’s Holy Spirit Prepares Us To Become Perfect 2012-06-01
God’s Kingdom: Picture Yourself In It 2013-09-05
God’s Master Plan of Salvation 2005-09-27
God’s Plan For Mankind - The Family 2009-05-07
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 1 2018-01-01
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 2 2018-01-04
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 3 2018-01-07
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 4 2018-01-13
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 5 2018-01-22
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 7 2018-02-27
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 8 2018-04-10
God’s Temple In Prophecy - Part 9 2018-05-10
God’s Tenple In Prophecy - Part 6 2018-01-25
God’s True Church Cries Out Amid Religious Confusion (3) 2016-12-27
God’s True Church Cries Out Amid Religious Confusion 2016-07-20
God’s True Church Cries Out Amid Religious Confusion (2) 2016-09-16
God’s Work 2015-12-14
God, Is He Composed Of Light? 2008-09-30
God, Show Yourself 2016-11-11
God, What Should I Do Next? 2012-06-24
Golden Character 2011-11-25
Government In Crisis - But Why? 2011-07-22
Guilt Christian Motivation or Spiritual Neuroses? 2012-03-26
Happiness Is... 2014-02-24
Hard Times - Who Is To Blame? 2014-11-24
Has God Lost Control? 2015-02-09
Has The New Covenant Been Made Yet? 2012-04-30
Has Time Been Lost? 2018-06-21
Hate - But Why? 2016-09-28
Have Today’s Christians Lost Their Power? 2013-03-30
Have You Experienced Being “Born Again”? 2009-12-07
Have You Found God’s One True Church? 2011-01-03
He Breathed On Them! 2008-08-04
Heaven, Hell, And The Hereafter 2009-06-22
Here’s Good News 2012-07-09
History of the Church of God - Part One 2014-01-30
History of the Church of God - Part Three 2014-02-09
History of the Church of God - Part Two 2014-02-05
Hitler’s Seven Fatal Blunders 2011-07-11
Holy Days Reveal God’s Mind 2008-09-01
Hope Is What This World Needs 2008-10-04
How Can I Be An Overcomer? 2006-07-31
How Can You Know That God Exists? 2006-06-28
How Did Jesus Christ “Empty Himself”? 2007-07-02
How Did The World’s Religions Begin? - Part 1 2007-12-06
How Did The World’s Religions Begin? - Part 2 2007-12-17
How Did The World’s Religions Begin? - Part 3 2007-12-21
How Did The World’s Religions Begin? - Part 4 2008-01-02
How Did The World’s Religions Begin? - Part 5 2008-04-09
How Does God Reveal Himself? 2017-12-03
How Important Is The Sacrifice Of Christ To You? 2016-04-20
How Important Is Your Willpower? 2012-03-30
How Israel Changed God’s Sabbaths 2010-01-30
How Leaven Pictures Sin 2009-09-11
How Many Creators? 2013-09-19
How Many Times Have You Heard? 2015-08-06
How Mature Are You Spiritually? 2013-06-30
How Not To Study The Bible 2013-07-07
How Sexy Can You Get? 2011-07-29
How Specific Does God Have To Be? 2011-01-17
How The Desert Shall Bloom As A Rose 2018-07-27
How The U.S. Can End The Fear Of Nuclear War NOW! 2009-10-20
How To Bail Out The 21st Century 2014-01-08
How To Be Saved 2007-08-07
How To Be Sure You Have Repented 2014-08-20
How To Conquer Your Fears 2010-04-04
How To Escape The Ride Of The Four Horsemen 2013-09-09
How To Know God 2010-07-03
How To Receive Eternal Life 2009-08-06
How To Set The World Aright 2013-07-11
How To Study The Bible 2007-09-20
How To Try The Spirits 2011-10-02
How To Understand Prophecy 2017-08-21
How To Understand Prophetic Terminology 2015-09-24
How To Win Over Worry 2014-02-22
How We Got The Bible 2017-01-20
How Well Do You Know God? 2016-01-08
How Would You Recognize The Church Christ Founded? 2009-09-21
How You Can Control Your Emotions 2011-08-25
How You Can Have Faith 2007-08-27
How You Can Have Faith To Meet Life’s Problems 2018-09-16
How You Can Obtain Enduring Faith 2013-04-13
How You Live Your Life Is The Only Religion 2014-04-11
Human Life - Why Are We Here? 2017-06-16
Human Nature At Work 2006-04-28
Human Nature Is Violent! 2011-05-08
Human Rights Come From God 2011-05-06
Husbands - Love Your Wives! 2012-02-10
I Hold God Responsible! 2018-04-19
I Will Forget Your Children 2014-08-13
Identifying The True Church Of God - Part 1 2010-12-26
Identifying The True Church Of God - Part 2 2010-12-28
If God Exists, Why Does He Allow Wars? 2006-05-02
If You Die, Will You Live Again? 2006-09-07
If You Died Today, Would You Go To Heaven? 2005-12-19
If You Were The Devil, What Would You Do? 2008-10-02
In The Name Of Jesus Christ 2018-04-16
Increase Your Faith 2008-07-06
Inside The World’s Best-Seller 2017-03-12
Into What Were You Baptized? 2009-04-13
Iron And Miry Clay 2013-02-18
Is A New Dark Age Coming? 2010-05-02
Is A World Dictator About To Appear? 2015-12-31
Is All Animal Flesh Good Food? 2016-03-13
Is American Patriotism Dead? 2010-06-15
Is Antichrist Here Already? 2009-05-20
Is Christ Divided? 2018-04-25
Is Church Membership Enough? 2010-11-10
Is God Fair To Teenagers? 2008-08-22
Is God On Vacation? 2009-06-28
Is God Unfair To Women? 2008-07-17
Is God Your Only God? 2008-12-16
Is God’s Law “Bondage”? 2007-08-20
Is It Wrong To Have Pictures Of Jesus Christ? 2010-12-10
Is Jesus Dead? 2015-08-20
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Eight) 2016-01-30
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Eleven) 2016-03-15
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Five) 2015-12-22
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Four) 2015-12-18
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Fourteen) 2016-05-25
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Nine) 2016-02-25
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part One) 2015-12-01
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Seven) 2016-01-12
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Six) 2016-01-03
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Ten) 2016-02-28
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Thirteen) 2016-04-18
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Three) 2015-12-10
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Twelve) 2016-04-14
Is Judaism The Religion Of Moses? (Part Two) 2015-12-03
Is Planet Earth Unique In The Universe? 2017-07-16
Is Sin Now Obsolete? 2010-10-19
Is Sin So Bad? 2009-01-05
Is That Really The Best Argument They Have? 2011-08-03
Is The Bible Complete? 2007-08-28
Is The Bible Living In You? 2007-09-11
Is The Bible The Inspired Word Of God? 2009-12-11
Is The Bible True? 2013-06-23
Is The Cross A Christian Symbol? 2010-01-14
Is The Holy Spirit A Person? 2010-05-28
Is The Majority Always Right? 2010-08-28
Is The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Really Necessary? 2015-10-16
Is The Trinity Biblical? 2016-01-19
Is The Work Of God Over? 2007-05-01
Is The World Getting Saved? 2011-04-30
Is There A Cure For Aids? 2009-07-31
Is There A Future Beyond The Grave? 2018-04-28
Is This The Only Day Of Salvation? 2014-11-12
Is This The Time Of The End? 2009-04-17
Is This World Necessary? 2009-10-18
Is Tithing Levitical? 2008-06-15
Is Today’s Week God’s Week? 2009-09-01
Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction? 2009-03-01
Is Your Religion A Fear Religion? 2010-06-27
It Does Matter Which Days We Observe 2010-06-03
It Wasn’t This Way In The Beginning 2011-01-05
It's Still Going To Happen! 2006-03-20
Jerusalem - A New Garden Of Eden Is Coming 2014-04-28
Jerusalem - Past, Present, And Future 2010-08-16
Jesus — God, Man, or Myth? 2008-12-10
Jesus Christ - Is He God? 2007-04-25
Jesus Christ Before His Human Birth 2010-01-26
Jesus Christ Said - Watch! 2013-11-18
Jesus Christ The Revelator 2009-10-24
Jesus’ Birth - The Untold Story 2013-01-07
Jesus’ Resurrection; a Pattern of Our Own 2012-12-24
Jews Reject Jesus And Christians Reject Christ 2010-11-02
Job And You - Part 1 2018-04-07
Job And You - Part 2 2018-04-13
John’s Gospel - Written For Us 2017-08-24
John’s Message for Today 2015-09-21
Jonah And The Whale? 2013-04-28
Joseph - Historical Man Or Hysterical Myth? 2016-09-18
Judas The Betrayer 2018-03-08
Just A Minute 2016-11-14
Just How Important Is Water Baptism? 2010-07-15
Just What Is Man? 2012-03-16
Keep Your Eyes On The Goal 2011-01-09
Keeping God’s Feasts - Yesterday And Today 2017-08-09
Killing - The Trend Of Our Time! 2015-08-18
Know Your Enemy 2010-09-19
Knowing Your Enemy 2011-05-12
Last Great Day 2006 2006-09-01
Law Or Grace - Which? 2008-08-18
Lazarus And The Rich Man - A Parable Or Was It Real? 2015-11-09
Lessons From The Book Of Ecclesiastes 2010-08-20
Let God Handle It? 2009-11-17
Let There Be Light 2008-09-22
Life On Planet Earth - Evolution Or Divine Purpose? 2017-08-15
Life or Death - YOUR CHOICE! 2006-03-24
Living Faith 2008-07-01
Living With Uncalled Mates 2013-03-10
Longsuffering 2018-04-04
Looking Forward To Being In Lexington 2010-05-19
Looking Into The New World Of Tomorrow 2013-09-17
Looking Through A Glass, Darkly 2014-06-05
Lords Over God’s Heritage 2010-10-05
Love, Marriage And Sex - Part Four 2015-12-06
Love, Marriage And Sex - Part One 2015-11-18
Love, Marriage And Sex - Part Three 2015-11-22
Love, Marriage and Sex - Part Two 2015-11-20
Making The Bible Work For You 2013-09-01
Man’s Future How Religion Deceives You 2014-02-20
Man’s Ignorant Worship Of God 2010-05-14
Mankind’s Greatest Battle 2009-09-23
Mankind, Knowledge And Life 2018-08-11
Many gods - Which Is Your God? 2013-04-05
Marriage Is A “Covenant” - Part 1 2012-01-20
Marriage Is A “Covenant” - Part 2 2012-01-26
Marvelous, But Limited Mankind 2007-06-24
Meet God 2017-12-21
Millions Read The Bible But Few Understand It 2009-05-01
Mothers, Special In God′s Sight 2007-05-12
Mystery Babylon 2015-10-26
Nations In Chaos 2015-02-06
Natural Catastrophes Are Intensifying 2015-09-02
Needed - A World Super-Government! 2014-01-18
Needed: A Supreme Authority! 2017-03-30
New Testament - Fact Or Fiction? 2017-10-05
Noah′s Day - Today 2007-06-18
Now Carry It! 2013-03-20
Now They Want To De-Sex The Bible! 2011-09-02
Nuclear War And The Book Of Revelation 2013-03-14
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